Operating Instructions: Lectern


The power cord for the speaker/amp is stored in the back compartment of the unit. Plug the cord into the power receptacle located on the back side of the speaker/amp. Plug the other end in to an outlet or suitable extension cord. Turn on the speaker/amp by toggling the switch located on the back side.


To turn on, press and hold button on the microphone, leave on channel 06. The microphone is powered by two “AA” batteries.

Replacing Microphone batteries:

Leave the microphone in the holder. Turn the front part of the microphone counterclockwise until microphone separates. Batteries can then be replaced. Reassemble the microphone.

Receiver Dongle (in the black carrying case):

Plug the dongle into the “high gain” input located on the left side of the front control panel on the speaker/amp. Press and hold the button on the dongle until the middle blue light comes on. It will sync with microphone “A”. The microphone is now ready to use.

Charging the Dongle:

There is a charging cord in the black carrying case. This cord gets plugged into the dongle and plugged into a USB drive for charging.

Speaker/Amp adjustments:

You can adjust the speaker volume and other sound adjustments using the control knobs on the front of the speaker/amp.